S15 Livery Reveal, Dyno, and Street Testing!


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  • J- Paul
    J- PaulDag siden

    Jesus that thing is fast

  • Nicholas Oberhofer
    Nicholas Oberhofer7 dager siden

    15,000 horsepower DAM

  • Michael Gagner
    Michael Gagner20 dager siden

    When they brew tea and cold brew they dilute it 50/50 with water afterwards

  • Federocher
    FederocherMåned siden

    6:47 lmao

  • khalid
    khalidMåned siden

    Where Nicole?

  • holidayonion
    holidayonionMåned siden

    This looks almost exactly like an S15 drift build I posted to r/needforspeed in November of last year. Weird coincidence for sure!

  • Marselino sanchez
    Marselino sanchezMåned siden

    What wheels are you using?

  • Ire
    IreMåned siden

    never watched fd before besides highlights...willing to watch if adams in it... where can i stream fd free?

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick ThompsonMåned siden

    Freddys face kills me haha, man looks genuinely concerned for his life 😂

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Wow that s15 has some big power wow that is a qwick s15.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Nice s15 Adam love how the new livery looks adam.😃👍

  • Callum Burton
    Callum BurtonMåned siden

    Good video Adam.😃👍

  • lovro yt
    lovro ytMåned siden

    Something about Slovenia?

  • Lous
    Lous2 måneder siden

    The face on 17:34 xD

  • 3DBrothers
    3DBrothers2 måneder siden

    It doesnt like 2nd gear Andy! 😂😂 Rofl!

  • CalvinMOfficial
    CalvinMOfficial2 måneder siden

    17:30 is no joke!!!

  • Taylor_Drift
    Taylor_Drift2 måneder siden

    To answer the waterless tea question, Starbucks has their tea in concentrate, they add water to the concentrate when you order. So if you order it without water, its just the tea concentrate i guess

  • Daniel Schultz
    Daniel Schultz2 måneder siden

    Out of curiosity why do tuners rev the car after a pull?

  • Ber fus
    Ber fus2 måneder siden

    19:30 just had an orgasm

  • Elijah Daley
    Elijah Daley2 måneder siden

    She doesn’t like second gear andy

  • Bomzhara
    Bomzhara2 måneder siden

    Damn this dude doing 15k hp to the rear wheels

  • Zack Forister
    Zack Forister2 måneder siden

    ET Tuning is a great place, great guys. Check em out, give them your business.

  • Jay
    Jay2 måneder siden

    damn thats a legit build bruh. congrats on ur growth bro, from bmx to this shit. uff legend.

    DEADPEDAL2 måneder siden

    Worked with Freddy and Daphne when I lived in Jacksonville. Then I worked at Enjuku while the S15 was being built. It's so crazy seeing how small the drifting world is, and the progress with this S15 is awesome.

  • Daphne Hecko

    Daphne Hecko

    2 måneder siden

    And we were in the video when this car was first tuned way before we knew Adam! It all comes together sometimes.

  • Ben Crosbie
    Ben Crosbie2 måneder siden

    absolute buzzing in the corolla lol

  • joey
    joey2 måneder siden

    Love the new look!

  • BighomieJ5x -
    BighomieJ5x -2 måneder siden

    Dam adam , she sounds real spicy🔥👍🏾💯🙋🏿‍♂️

  • Ry O
    Ry O2 måneder siden

    I’m amazed by the fact that Freddy knew while you were ripping it that you threw the alternator belt. He’s the man!

  • Jjenaya Rezina
    Jjenaya Rezina2 måneder siden

    Ещё один усач, ну хоть без кепки 🤔

  • sloshhh
    sloshhh2 måneder siden

    Honestly hurts watching this because ill never be able to look back in my past and be proud of what I've done with my life like you

  • Jason Lopez /Bootleg
    Jason Lopez /Bootleg2 måneder siden

    starbucks waters down the drink so you say no water they just put the tea concentrate

  • Clutchkickk
    Clutchkickk2 måneder siden

    Holy shit car is fuckin crazy sik!!!

  • Martin Gus
    Martin Gus2 måneder siden

    I never holding fireworks in my hands. I almost blew my hands. It whas a regular smoke that whas exploding (it whas something wrong with it). I live in Sweden btw.

  • Taylor miner
    Taylor miner2 måneder siden

    Its cool lookin and know you gotta put sponsors on it but think it looks alot better with no livery

  • Ranger Danger
    Ranger Danger2 måneder siden

    Hey adam your probably not gonna see this but that shop is litteraly 2 minutes from my house that’s awesome you got to come down to ET!!!!

  • dwayne powley
    dwayne powley2 måneder siden

    This car is the fucking bollocks !! Unreal noises cannot wait for the content, 🤟

  • JohnnyVolvo
    JohnnyVolvo2 måneder siden

    18:04 .........do i need to say more?

  • Jacob Murray
    Jacob Murray2 måneder siden

    Freddy is a GOAT

  • Brandon Carter
    Brandon Carter2 måneder siden

    amazing how much that suspension flexes cant imagine what its doing in drift

  • PG_threder
    PG_threder2 måneder siden

    Anyone else remember when he only rode box and he wasn’t into cars as much as he is now

  • Adam Stratton
    Adam Stratton2 måneder siden

    my girlfriend and tuner are braking my car????? waaaiitttt seance when fucking when did thay start dating like mg Adam majer upgraded

  • StreetDeezie
    StreetDeezie2 måneder siden

    anyone else jizzz

  • Noah Kälin
    Noah Kälin2 måneder siden

    pennywise in the sewers wondering if it's already 4th of july again

  • Quay Batt
    Quay Batt2 måneder siden

    Looks like a gogurt 🔥🔥

  • Brian obg_Ganv
    Brian obg_Ganv2 måneder siden

    Adam I think everyone is going to create your livery. CarX Drift online on Play station4 or pc

  • Timothy Friend-Kisamore
    Timothy Friend-Kisamore2 måneder siden

    They make a stronger tea in a pitcher then mix it half with water when you order it to save time so they only have to brew half as much beforehand.

  • yeahnahnahyeah
    yeahnahnahyeah2 måneder siden

    You need a "hotwheels" type model for merch

  • Daniel G
    Daniel G2 måneder siden

    When your "boring toyota" is more fun

  • SLA3
    SLA32 måneder siden

    Intro song reminds me of blink?

  • Nasir Chaudhry
    Nasir Chaudhry2 måneder siden

    Ik this might be a stupid question but I’m new to this channel and cars in general and how is it possible he’s making 15000 hp at 15:01 or am I missing something.

  • Pechurka 131

    Pechurka 131

    2 måneder siden

    The dyno machine just bugged

  • DBgetsblocks
    DBgetsblocks2 måneder siden

    crazy how i started watching adam during his bmx days since i was little i was really into bikes growing up now im into cars now because of adam cant wait to get my first car this year so i can do a clean build idk but his style of driving and how his cars are so nice is just so clean to me and i cant wait to go into the field of automotive work.

  • Lilbandzz
    Lilbandzz2 måneder siden

    So we’re just gonna ignore the part where it says 15,000 HP 9,000 TQ 🤣

  • Chris Wendt
    Chris Wendt2 måneder siden

    @7:34 “my girlfriend and tuner in the back” they are together?

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown2 måneder siden


  • Daron Sam
    Daron Sam2 måneder siden

    Is Martin still around for turning?

  • MyLiLYote
    MyLiLYote2 måneder siden

    Proper race car 👌🏾

  • Rydnorth
    Rydnorth2 måneder siden

    Car looks insane bro! 🔥

  • Valentin
    Valentin2 måneder siden

    Those upshifting! Jeez, it gives me chills

  • Steve R
    Steve R2 måneder siden

    Is Natty Light a sponsor. Naturdays for days

  • Patrick Reilly
    Patrick Reilly2 måneder siden

    might be the craziest s15 I’ve ever seen holy shit

  • Joshua Otero
    Joshua Otero2 måneder siden

    That looks so scary to watch testing the no lift shift on the dyno. Looked like it was ready to hop off.

  • XxBlack_KingxX 58
    XxBlack_KingxX 582 måneder siden

    Hey Adam... Im wondering where to ask you to sign an order on your website

  • Arnold Bogarin
    Arnold Bogarin2 måneder siden

    Banging gears

  • Nic Smith
    Nic Smith2 måneder siden

    That thing is a fkn beasst!

  • tom bodri
    tom bodri2 måneder siden

    ngl love u adam but i cant believe you put an explosive down the sewer drain. there could of been trapped gasses and caused an explosion..

  • Keistofers Geste
    Keistofers Geste2 måneder siden

    Ride a bmx

  • martin king
    martin king2 måneder siden

    you're a legend you're inspiring me to make my own drift car !

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer2 måneder siden

    Lmfao. I put one of those smoke bombs that last 5 mins in one of the storm drains when i was like 14 and the fire department came because it was smoking out of almost every drain in the neighborhood and someone though something was on fire.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer2 måneder siden

    That poor Toyota lol

  • $RonnieG$
    $RonnieG$2 måneder siden

    I didn't realize adam an her were dating. I remember when he joked about it when he had his car at her place. Im glad cuz she seems like an awesome chick thats into cars

  • William R
    William R2 måneder siden


  • Black Ghost
    Black Ghost2 måneder siden

    That's shut finna be sliding The tack no cap

  • Polo Way
    Polo Way2 måneder siden

    his s15 is so versatile it could be a drag and a drift build at the same time

  • Zane Cowling
    Zane Cowling2 måneder siden

    It's crazy how we've basically watched this guy go from starting a NOlocal channel about his BMX career to basically becoming an actual pro race car driver

  • Kris Goodman
    Kris Goodman2 måneder siden

    Fireworks with Adam was fun

  • MaThiSTunTv
    MaThiSTunTv2 måneder siden

    most violent video of adam for me!

  • Brogen Gunn
    Brogen Gunn2 måneder siden

    My dream car is your 240

  • Gerald5000
    Gerald50002 måneder siden

    Looks like a hip hop compilation CD.

  • this guy
    this guy2 måneder siden

    S15 is the best car ever made for sure.

  • Some Kiwi
    Some Kiwi2 måneder siden

    Hot damn, it looks so fucking good. I hope this livery stays forever 😍🤤

  • Sammie Williams
    Sammie Williams2 måneder siden

    when adam comes to my city and i have corona:(

  • Ben Camilleri
    Ben Camilleri2 måneder siden

    Oh sweet jesus, the gunshot cuts are super intoxicating. Kudos to the team. it looks sharp on angle

  • Dingo
    Dingo2 måneder siden

    Living my dream bro. SHOTS FIRED I REPEAT SHOTS FIRED!! That is mental man it’s sick

  • asyrf adha
    asyrf adha2 måneder siden

    please go with TE, it would be nice!

  • Aaron Douglas
    Aaron Douglas2 måneder siden

    Adam's cars always having issues and are breaking

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith2 måneder siden

    Hot wheels need to make one of these

  • Luke Toms
    Luke Toms2 måneder siden

    You can Tanner have to meet up again!! Do more skateing and cars

  • Jason Tewnion
    Jason Tewnion2 måneder siden

    Watch the doco plandemic - find it at freedom platform . tv - do it now

  • Nurie G
    Nurie G2 måneder siden

    should have keep it without the graphics.

  • Mattatron 9666
    Mattatron 96662 måneder siden

    I heard feel something by movements playing in the car at the end there. So sick

  • Hunts Alone
    Hunts Alone2 måneder siden

    Got them naruto vibes with the wrap haha

  • Wayne Steele
    Wayne Steele2 måneder siden

    Them sketchy fireworks lol, no wonder they were buy 1 get 5 free haha

  • Savon Shegog
    Savon Shegog2 måneder siden

    I think my left eye rolled back in my head hearing those dyno pulls 🤤🤤

  • Oscar Aguilar
    Oscar Aguilar2 måneder siden

    Adam has the worst laugh

  • C Andrew
    C Andrew2 måneder siden

    For anyone curious the tea at Starbucks is brewed strong and cut with water when being made🤙

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward2 måneder siden

    Leroy and Ruby have alternator belt issues. It stems from the bracket flexing under load.

  • YTReFLEX 556
    YTReFLEX 5562 måneder siden

    Whose here after watching its justa 6 video about being banned from enterprise because he strait piped a car adam did an air filter delete haha

  • Daniel Ward
    Daniel Ward2 måneder siden

    That thing is dangerous, I love it lol

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers2 måneder siden

    Premium killed. Car is sick.

  • gonzo-trey
    gonzo-trey2 måneder siden

    Can really see progression, looks really comfortable behind the wheel .